Your Ex Runs Away From You and Hides? But This Will Make Your Ex Want to Take You Back!

Published: 07th September 2010
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So your ex is trying to avoid you. Heck, your ex may even run away from you and hide, and probably turns off his/her phone. Your ex may even take a different route to and from work just to avoid you, or may even miss certain events now to ignore you. Nothing surprising, considering that you screwed up so bad. Use these tips to make your ex take you back....

You can push this meme of making your ex want you back a lot faster if you actually start dating one of your ex's close friends. There's nothing better than an affair with a close friend to trigger the jealousy factor. And there's no way for your ex to ignore it because you're going out with a friend, as opposed to an unknown person - which would have been easier to accept.

Don't get too intimate with this person, because you are simply trying to make your ex jealous and envious, you are not trying to really damage your ex's feelings.

Don't make things any worse than they already are. Stop calling incessantly and leaving long messages. No harassment and don't act like you're a victim and lost and lonely. In other words, don't be such a jerk and a loser.

If your ex really just hates your guts, then you can consider doing this sneaky thing: enlist your ex's immediate family and close friends - people your ex trusts. Butter them up nice and good and push them to put in a good word for you.

If a lot of people whom your ex cares about start saying you're not as bad as they thought, then your ex will be proved wrong. This is where you step in and push the opening some more and get back in.

You might also want to actually start doing stuff your ex enjoys. Nothing like common ground to bring two ex's together. So if your ex likes certain restaurants or clubs or enjoys a certain sport, then start doing the same things. You don't necessarily have to go to the same places, but rather just have to go out and get out. As long as you are active, you will feel a lot better.

The point is to impress on your ex that there's a lot more in common between you two now than there was before. And that should most certainly be enough to get your ex to stop avoiding you.

Get a complete makeover - both in terms of your physical appearance and your personality. Get some new clothes, a new look and start spreading some charm. If you look good and feel good, it gets infectious and everyone around you responds.

Suddenly, you're much more popular than before, and besides your ex dumped you, right? So you'll find a lot of people lining up to replace your ex. And this will drive your ex nuts. I mean, your ex gave up a loser, and turns out you're not such a loser after all. So it will be your ex who is now trying to get back with you.

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