Words to Use Which Will Get Your Ex Back! This is Where a Lot of People Slip & Lose Their Ex

Published: 07th September 2010
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Your relationship with your ex could have unfortunately ended in a war of words. However, in order to get back with your ex, you will definitely need to mouth the right words so as to end all hostilities quickly.

The use of the right words at the right time will ensure that all anger is soon replaced by love and your ex gets pulled towards you by your magnetic vocabulary.

o Words of clemency: If you have truly hurt your ex with your actions or words before and during the breakup then you need to let go of your ego and apologize. These words will act as a soothing balm and calm down your ex. Allow your ex to release all pent up anger after you apologize.

If your ex has erred then you should learn to forgive by verbally saying that you have truly forgiven and are willing to forget. Only after all the anger has melted away will you will be able to move forward and replace your ex's vacant heart with feelings of love.

o Words of acceptance: Instead of fighting the realization that you have broken up, accept it with your heart and convey it to your ex. Indicate that you have accepted the breakup but also convey to your ex that you are in the process of pinpointing each reason and will try to solve it quickly and permanently.
Your efforts will be mentally acknowledged even if your ex does not verbally indicate so.

o Words of appreciation: Once your ex has become slightly comfortable in your presence then you need to use words that will have him/her smiling inwardly. Casually insert compliments in your conversation. Appreciate any positive action taken by your ex with a verbal bouquet.

This will make your ex not only comfortable with you but will also have his/her ears straining for more such verbal compliments in the future. This move will also renew or increase the respect that your ex has for you.

o Words of nostalgia: You will now have to lead your ex down the memory lane when your relationship was perfect. Whenever you are in the midst of a casual conversation, make sure that you relate that talk to an incident in the past when you two were together.

These words will compel your ex to visit the museum that holds happy memories of the past whilst slowly thinking that all those wonderful times could be revived again only if you two got back together again.

You can certainly weave a verbal web of words around your ex so as to safely channel all the anger away while leading him/her to the door of a reunion. Make sure to observe your ex's reaction to your words as you slowly but surely try to win him/her over into your loving arms again.

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