Words to Say to Attract Him! Here Are the Words Which Will Help You Intrigue Any Man Real Fast

Published: 11th August 2010
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It's not always your looks that would make a guy fall for you. Sometimes the way you act and talk can also spell the difference. Here are some tips on how to attract a guy through the words that you utter:

Positive words
Positive words would always result to positive things. Be optimistic, if you deal with problems positively, it's a plus for you. If he sees you that way, then he might like you for that-so be cheerful and you'll be liked.

The Truth
Always be honest. Choose to say what is true rather than saying something nice that's untrue. It might frustrate him at first hearing something that might hurt him but in the long run, he would appreciate you for telling him the truth. Being true also means showing the real you, don't pretend to be someone that you're not.

Nice things
Talk about nice and happy things. This would create a positive environment between the two of you and with the people around you. Talking about happy things brings about happy memories. So before he sleeps at night, he'll think of happy thoughts, he'll think of you.

Things that flatter him
Men can also be swept off their feet by romantic things. Utter things that would make him feel special. Compliment him for how he looks or his new haircut or appreciate the good qualities that you see in him.

Something interesting
When you two are spending time together, tell him stories that interest him. So if he likes baseball, research some trivia about baseball and discuss it with him. It will amaze him to hear from you facts about things that he cares about.

Words that make him laugh
Don't be serious as it might just bore him. Crack a joke from time to time. Humor is attractive and when you make him laugh, you make him joyful as well. Guys are easily attracted by women who are fun to be with.

Words about him
Talk to him like you know him well. Giving him that impression would tell him you're interested with him because of your effort to know him. But be cautious about this; don't make it appear as though you've hired a detective to dig things up about him.

The words that you say could mean a lot and it can turn things around. You can melt a person's heart away by the warmth of the words that come out of your lips. So before you speak, thinks about the nicest things-and only the nicest things-that you could say.

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