Will My Boyfriend Propose? Great Ways to Figure Out If Your Boyfriend is Going to Propose Or Not

Published: 06th August 2010
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Most girls long for deeper commitment after a few months into a relationship with a guy. If you too have enjoyed those heady days and nights with your boyfriend but long for him to take that vital next step then you will first need to know for certain.

Here are some signs that your dream man might exhibit even as you keep on thinking as to will my boyfriend propose?

He becomes much more possessive and concerned
If your boyfriend suddenly turns very possessive about you and starts to become concerned about your well-being at a slightly freaky level then he is surely becoming serious about you.

He might start calling you to check if you have reached your destination safely or might rush over with hot chicken soup the minute he hears you sneeze.

He prefers your company to his buddies
This is truly a perfect sign that your boyfriend is planning to spend the rest of his life with you.

If he willingly forgoes football games or Friday night escapades with his buddies to remain by your side then get ready for that one-kneed motion in the near future.

He starts talking about and planning for the future
If your guy invariably starts talking about the future in a manner that also involves you then he is certainly giddy-eyed in love.

He might also start planning about the future by talking about getting a job or opening up a new business while also getting serious about saving money.

He gets interested in your family
While your guy would have either ignored or have been least interested in your family in the past, he might suddenly get interested in learning more and even meeting them in the near future.

This could indicate that he might want to butter them up first so as to get them on his side before popping the question to you.

He pours out his heart to you
While previously he would be more interested in a physical relation with you, now he might suddenly try to connect to you on an emotional level. He could pour out his heart to you and more importantly listen intently when you do the same.

He cleans up his act
If you find that your boyfriend has suddenly stopped smoking or drinking or has started to clean up any problem that aggravates you then he is certainly thinking about a future of togetherness.

He plans a grand getaway
If your normally subtle boyfriend plans a grand getaway to a resort or asks you out for a date in an exclusive restaurant that offers a high level of privacy then he could be nervously ready to ask you for your hand, of course along with the rest of you too.

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