Will My Boyfriend Finally Propose? Here is How to Be Sure Before the Mystery Ends Up Killing You

Published: 09th August 2010
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It could be very taxing and depressing at the same time for a lot of women to wait for their boyfriends to propose. Because of women's eagerness to know, most of the time, these desperate women take the matter into their own hands and they end up blowing everything. If you are one of the women who are waiting for their significant other to pop the question, or if you are wondering if they will ever ask you to marry them, read below and look for these signs which will let you know that they are ready for marriage.

He takes you out more than usual When a man is ready to settle down, he takes you out more often because of two reasons: 1. To find a perfect opportunity to propose and 2. To let the whole world know that he is going out with someone he wants to spend his whole life with.

He gives you a duplicate of his apartment keys An indication of a man wanting to settle down is when he willingly offers you the keys to his apartment. This means that he wants to share everything with you including his private place.

He talks to you more often about serious matters If you notice that during your recent conversations with your boyfriend that it is getting more serious, and not just only about sports and movies but with future family related stuff, then he is ready to get married.

He opens up to you about his problems When a man feels that he is ready to settle with a woman he loves, he will be an open book. He will open everything up and have you as his confidant. This is because you have already gained his trust and he feels that you are his best friend whom he can share his weaknesses with.

He wants you to meet his parents and relatives If he takes you out of town to meet his parents and relatives, it is a clear sign that he is ready to make you part of the family.

He always tells you that you are the only one If your man doesn't care about other hot women he reads about in magazines and sees on TV, it only means he is already serious with his life and is ready to settle down.

He has a different perspective of life recently If you see your boyfriend making a complete turnaround of his weekly activities like choosing to stay home with you to watch movies rather than going out with friends, it only means, he is preparing himself for the married life.

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