Will He Ever Marry Me! Life is Short & That's the Reason Why You Should Know This Before It's Late

Published: 10th August 2010
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If you are one of those women who are in a relationship with your partner for quite some time now, and you are wondering when your man will ask for your hand, it means you are ready to take your relationship to the next level. But the question is, is your partner ready as well?

A lot of women are bothered by the same question of when their man ever marries them. But instead of acting weird and making unnecessary actions that would not help the situation, you should learn how to read the signs. Below are seven instances where you can really tell that your man is ready to marry you:

He Talks About the Future with You
You can hear him talk about buying a big house, having a family and spending with your kids over the weekend making some barbecue and lemonade. This is one of the indications that he is ready for marriage. A lot of men who are still on "play mode" does not mention about kids and family.

He Talks About the Relationship
This is one of the most obvious signs that you guy wants to take the relationship to the next level - talking about your relationship and it's future. If his line always begins with "someday, when were married...", you need not doubt his readiness for it.

Career Goals
Career goals are always the first on every guy's priorities. A sign that he is ready for marriage is when he puts you in first priority before his career. And even if he has to go away, he always makes it to a point to tell you that he will do it for your future.

He Asks for Your Opinion about the Big Steps He is going to Make
Every man dreams of buying his own house and his own car. When he starts asking you about what you think of a specific house he is interested in or he asks for your opinion about the type of car that he is going to buy, that is the sign that he is ready to get married.

He Admires Married Couples
If you hear your man talk about married couples with interest that means he is ready to get married. Seldom do men have interest in married couples.

He Acts like He is ready to Settle Down
If you see your man coming home straight from the office to watch a movie with you instead of spending the weekend at a bar with his guy friends, it is a clear sign that he is willing to settle down, and going out to meet new people does not interest him anymore.

He Introduces You to His Parents and Relatives
This is the ultimate determination of your man wanting to marry you. Once he introduces you to his parents and relatives, it means he wants to share with you his family and he also wants his relatives and parents to get to know the girl he is going to settle down with.

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