Why You Can't Win With Your Ex Even If You Try! The Shocking Truth Behind Getting Your Ex Back!

Published: 07th September 2010
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Did you know that you cannot win your ex back, even if you try? Well in fact, you cannot win your ex back ESPECIALLY if you try! Read on to find out the shocking truth behind getting your ex back...

Trying makes you FAIL

When you try to get your ex back, the following happens:

o Your ex becomes aware of the fact that you need them desperately. Their ego gets inflated, and they start taking you for granted.
o He/she begins to feel as though you never appreciated them before, and therefore disregards all of your attempts now, because you never used to chase them this much.
o They lose respect and trust towards you, because you beg and plead and say things which you haven't actually fully done, such as "I've changed".
o Your ex starts to ignore you, because you become to desperate with the begging and pleading, and they find you to be pathetically annoying.

Thus, when you try, your ex literally gains COMPLETE control over the situation. Not only this, but your ex has an emotional and psychological response which DOES NOT work in your favor.

How do you get your ex back without appearing to "try"?

So now that it's established now that when you show your ex you want them back, they will literally disregard everything you do, what do you do to get your ex back?

Well, instead of chasing your ex in the obvious manner, you have to reverse everything, and flip them around. This is otherwise known as doing things which your ex DOES NOT expect.

These include things like:

o Ignoring your ex, and literally avoiding them - This makes them feel rejected, and causes him/her to seek your attention. It also builds curiosity.
o Dating again - creates envy and jealousy, wherein your ex would feel envious of the fact that they are no longer the centre of your attention, and jealous of the fact that someone else now has you.
o Becoming outgoing - Doing as many fun and adventurous things as you can. This will make your ex want you back, because you will be so fun to be around now.
o Being happy - If you show your ex that you are grateful for the breakup, he/she will feel guilty and will want to get you back to get rid of this feeling.

Thus, the real key to getting your ex back, is to act as if your ex is no longer important. Live your life as if you had never met your ex yet, only even better!

Go out and have fun, get things done, make lots of friends etc... and make your ex feel as though you don't care anymore. This in turn will get your ex back and in fact it will make them chase you around!

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