Why Won't My Ex Take Me Seriously? Find Out Why Your Ex Thinks You Are a Big Walking Joke!

Published: 07th September 2010
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You tell your ex that you have changed, and they just laugh. You say you are sorry, and they say they don't believe you. You try everything under the sun to win your ex back, but no matter what you do, nothing works!

But that's because your ex thinks you are a big WALKING JOKE. Yup, they sure do! In fact, your ex literally doesn't take you seriously, and if you have been wondering "why won't my ex take me seriously", you are about to get a wake up call....

Read on to find out why your ex still won't take you seriously...

What did you do to make your ex mistake you for a joke?

Most people don't realize this, but they are constantly doing things which push their ex away, and make them lose credibility.

These things include, but of course are not limited to:

o Arguing- This makes your ex feel as though you are not willing to admit your mistakes, and also makes them feel ignored and misunderstood.

o Begging and pleading- This makes you look desperate, and anytime you add this to the mix, your ex will think you are desperate, and therefore will just believe you are only saying the things you are saying because of it, which in turn makes them think you don't really mean it.

o Showing your ex you need them- this makes them think you were taking them for granted before, and goes along with begging and pleading. This will make your ex feel insulted.

o Breaking promises- You promise your ex you will change, but don't. You say to your ex that you will do this or that, but don't. This makes your ex lose trust for you, obviously, and makes you lose credibility.

o Not keeping your word- This is like breaking promises, only it's when your words don't turn into actions. You say you will do something, but it never materializes and you leave your ex feeling betrayed.

o Lying- some people do this to try and win their ex back. They lie about things they did, try to cover things up, or tell "white lies" in a quick bid to try and win their ex back.

Your ex CAN take you seriously

This list goes on, but the main point here, is that as long as you are emotionally desperate, you will end up making the above mistakes and worse. Thus, if you actually want to get your ex back, and have him/her take you seriously, you need to stop doing the things which make your ex feel you are desperate, needy, clingy etc...

This includes accepting responsibility for your actions, making a real effort to change, and moving on with life, so that you appear to be strong as well as mentally and emotionally healthy again.

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