Why Men Withdraw, and What to Do About It! You May Lose Him Eventually If You Don't Follow This

Published: 09th August 2010
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If you have sensed a slight change in your relationship and are worried if your man is slowing withdrawing from you, then you should go with your gut feeling and take steps to prevent him from pulling away from you, rather than sit around doing nothing till it is too late! These tips will enlighten you and help you to take the necessary steps to keep your man.

Wake up call
If you have noticed a change in your man's behavior then you have to take it as a wake up call. If not - then be more alert and look for signs of withdrawal. Getting a wake up call and reacting to it quickly is the best way to avert and stop your man from withdrawing from you. Recognize the symptoms and get moving quickly.

Move in the right direction
Don't confront your man immediately. Once you have noticed him pulling away from you, you are probably too full of emotions - mostly the negative ones of feeling betrayed, anger, jealousy etc - to deal with it in the right manner. The best way would be to wait and think it out rationally and calmly. This will help you to plan things better.

Changes are necessary
Take a hard and honest look at your relationship and the part you play. Have you been careless and lazy? Are there changes to be made where your appearance, behavior and attitudes are concerned? If so - get cracking and change for the better.

Sex is boring
One of the most common reasons why men start to withdraw from a relationship is when they are not being satisfied sexually. Has the sex turned boring and predictable? Do what you can to change the scenario immediately. Make the sex exciting and do all you can to make your man happy and satisfied with you.

Get your priorities in order
Sometimes the man feels totally ignored and cast aside by his woman. This is when she puts everything - herself, her job, the kids and the home first and ignores her man! This can be very upsetting and he tends to look for the love and attention elsewhere. Get your priorities in order and put your man first!

He could be cheating on you
One of the reasons that women don't like to admit is that her man could have found someone else. Find out if he stays out late and makes regular excuses of having to work at the office extra hours! You could try to get back his love and interest by showering him with more attention, tender loving care and great sex at home!

No time together
Sometimes both partners are busy in their own worlds and do not spend time together. This leads to a "separation" of sorts. Don't let this happen. Do things together. Take part and join your man in his hobbies and activities. Go for soccer matches and bowling competitions just to be with him. He will love it and turn to you more.

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