Why Men Lose Interest, and How to Prevent It! Here is How to Intensify Attraction When He Pulls Away

Published: 09th August 2010
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You have this nagging doubt that your man is losing interest in you. The fear of losing your man to another woman has kept you awake at nights wondering what to do. The best thing would be to take heart, and correct the many wrongs that exist in your relationship as soon as possible. Take help by following these super techniques and get your man to love you again.

You have become boring
You don't like to admit it - but if your want to save your relationship - you have to deal with the truth. Have you become boring and utterly predictable? Change and take steps to attract your man all over again. Start with your looks and body. Get in shape and surprise your man.

You have stopped trying to satisfy your man
If you have been feeling too tired, too lazy and too busy to keep your man physically, sexually and mentally satisfied, then who can blame him if he has started losing interest in you? Make amends immediately and make up for those last months of boredom! He will be pleasantly surprised!

He is cheating on you
The reason he has started losing interest in you could be that he is cheating on you. Because he finds you wanting in certain areas, he has opted for excitement with another woman. You could find out for sure and start anew. Count on your past feelings for one another and don't give up on your relationship.

He has been ignored
Have you been too busy about everything but your man? It is important that your man is the first on your list of priorities. He will feel neglected and ignored - two reasons to lose interest in you and the relationship. Make amends immediately and shower him with attention, love and caring.

He is not ready for a relationship
Sometimes a man may just be interested in dating a woman but nothing more than that. If the woman starts pushing for a commitment then the man starts to lose interest. Check and see if your man too is interested in "just dating" and nothing more.

Too much baggage
Are you carrying too much baggage? Do you keep on talking about your ex boyfriend or your past? Men do not want to hear about your past. By criticizing your ex and constantly talking about the woes of the past, your current man would not want to be a part of that. All the talk about the past would just put him off you.

Don't put pressure on him
A guy will start to lose interest when he finds himself under too much pressure or stress from his woman. Don't try to be too controlling. He will hate it and feel that he is losing his freedom. Don't try to control him and let him be himself. Give him his space and he will stay on in the relationship.

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