Why Men Don't Call After a Few Great Dates - 7 Shockingly True Reasons No Woman Should Miss at All

Published: 11th August 2010
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Okay. So this is a general truth, and many women have experienced this one time or another. You meet a guy, go out with him for a couple of dates, and spend the next few days waiting by the phone just in case he calls. You go through that excruciating habit of checking your mobile phone every 30 seconds to see if anyone has texted, but what's even more excruciating is being totally into this guy and not getting similar vibes from him. Why do men stop calling after a few great dates? Here are some of the most common, yet most uncalled-for reasons.

Relax. He's waiting.
He may have had a wonderful time and because he feels a strong attraction towards you, he may be trying out the "make her miss you" technique. Or he simply doesn't want to smother you with endless phone calls or text messages. Or he's merely waiting for another fantastic date idea to come to mind. If he doesn't call the next morning after the date, relax. It's too early to go paranoid.

The last few dates were so predictable.
Okay. So the reason he may have taken you out on more than one date is because he thought he could get to know a side of you which he hasn't seen yet. But you were pretty much the same in all three dates, and his knowledge base of you is still at 30%. He feels he's not made any real progress, so he's contemplating on whether to completely stop, or give it a while, and maybe wait till you actually think of something interesting to show him.

It was great for you. Was it great for him?
You may have had a great time, but just because the gentleman took you out and kissed you on your doorstep does not mean, at all, that he was swooning over you. Some guys are natural Casanovas. But if you pay close attention to how he was acting during the date itself, you would know. Was he often texting while you were talking? Did he consistently hold your gaze while you are in a conversation? These signs are subtle but mean a lot.

You said too much.
Being the gentleman that he is, he did not shut you up or walk out on you. But during your monologue, he was silently wishing the date to be caput. If all your sentences began with "I" and ended with "me", then don't expect to get a call from any of the guys you've dated until you learn that there are other pronouns in the English language.

You didn't say anything at all.
Some guys can be classic entertainers - which is why, on your end, you did have a great time. But entertaining you could feel like a chore when you're too shy to even laugh heartily or to speak your mind about anything. Again, it pays to learn to communicate effectively. Know when to listen and know what to say when the ball's in your court.

Why should he call? He already got what he wanted.
You went home with him. A guy's interest gets flushed away with his ejaculate, seriously. This is why guys have something called a resolution period after sex. They lose interest and their body takes time to go back to its pre-sexual state. Once you give in too early to the sexual advances of a guy, he will lose interest in you, and you will soon be just another number in his black book.

He didn't like the drama you starred in.
He was late for 5 minutes, and you threw a fit, stomping your Jimmy Choos on your front door. Then you gave him the complete cold shoulder and he spent the first hour of the date trying to woo you. If you show this kind of drama for little things both of you can let slide, don't expect him to come back for more dates, because more dates mean more drama.

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