Why He Doesn't Call Me Anymore? Here is What You Should Be Aware of If He Isn't Calling You Anymore

Published: 01st September 2010
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Okay so you are wondering what in the world has gone wrong. You are trying to get your man to get in touch with you but all of a sudden he has stopped calling you. If you are going crazy wondering whether your relationship with the guy is over or he has lost all interest, don't be. There are chances that you are wrong about the whole thing. Read these tips and decide as to what you should do.

Don't overreact
Just because he has not called you does not mean the worst. There is no need to make yourself sick with worry because you have not heard from him. Tell yourself that there are plenty of reasons for his silence. Get calm and look at it with a positive view. This will help you not to do anything rash and emotional.

Think back
Think of the last times you were together. Try to remember what happened. Did you have an argument? Were you nasty to him? Did he seem preoccupied? Did the magic seem to fade? Sooner or later you could hit the nail on the head and pinpoint the reason as to why your boyfriend or lover could be angry and hurt.

Men love it and appreciate it if their woman admits her faults. If you realize that you were the one to blame and have been nasty then perhaps all he is looking for is an apology from you and for you to admit it. Don't let your pride stand in your way. Go ahead and do it.

Don't call him too much
No matter how frustrating it is when he does not call you, don't call him if he does not reciprocate. Once he starts maintaining a silence, it sure means that he is sending you a message. If you keep calling him it shows that you are desperate. Once you have apologized and he still doesn't call, don't get in touch with him. The ball is in his court.

Show him that you are not upset
If your man is waiting for you to throw a tantrum and act irrationally, then surprise him by acting cool, calm and mature. He is going to wonder as to why you are not calling him desperately to find out about his silence and will eventually call you.

Send him a message
If he does not call you then you could send him a message letting him know that you are not offended, but you expected him to treat you with respect and his silence has forced you to really question his motives and intentions regarding you.

You should re-evaluate the relationship
The reason he does not call could be that he has doubts about you and him. If you could leave him alone and give him time to miss you he could choose to call you again.

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