Why Don't Guys Approach Me? Here Are the Answers You Have Always Been Looking For

Published: 05th August 2010
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You may be a nice and pretty girl but still you are wondering why guys do not approach you or why they won't have a conversation with you. On top of these concerns, your major question is why don't they ask you out? Here are some possible reasons that can satisfy your inquiry:

Some men are racists
If you're a gal with a heavy accent or from another country, some men will not bother to get to you and befriend you. This may be a very negative reason but very real in today's society. If you look different or have a different culture, guys sometimes hesitate to approach you.

Maybe you don't look approachable
You may be frowning or looking grumpy most of the time, if you do, most likely men will not bother to get to know you. Try smiling and let them see your beautiful set of teeth. A girl who smiles more often attracts guys the most.

They find you boring
Guys love humor and they love to share a good laugh with a girl. You need not be like a clown to have humor, you only need to know how to relax and loosen a bit and be able to laugh at yourself if you have done something foolish. Once in a while, try to crack a joke.

You're just like any other plain girl
Guys will never see you if you blend with the crowd. Try to outshine all the other girls around you. Be the most dashing and confident girl in the group. Don't be afraid to voice out your opinion and be heard. Men always find confidence sexy and attractive.

You look intimidating
One possible reason why you are not approached by guys is that you look too beautiful or too intelligent. Some men are too shy to approach a lady who they think have a very high standard. Try to be friendly, you can also be the first one to say hi to a guy you like.

Vanity is written all over you
Never commit the mistake of giving an impression of being vain and materialistic. If you're a woman who talk about clothing, fashion, shopping and spending money, guys will be scared of you. Usually, most guys don't like women who are great spenders and too concerned about how they look rather than giving quality time to their men.

You're too conscious about other people's opinions
Men could find you as someone who is so conscious about what others think of you. You should not be afraid to show the world who you are and what you've got. If they don't like you, then that's okay, if they do like you, that's good. But never do something just to please anyone, always be yourself at all times.

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