Why Do Some Men Struggle to Commit? Know This Before You End Up With a Commitment Phobic Man

Published: 10th August 2010
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Commitment means showing loyalty or pledge to someone; it also entails responsibility and obligations. Most women have no difficulty committing in a relationship but men have opposite feelings about commitment. Here are some reasons why men are afraid to commit:

Unpreparedness for what lies ahead

Some men think they are not yet prepared for this kind of venture. They still need a kind of security financially, emotionally and physically before they commit to someone. Time is one factor they consider to fully say they are already prepared.

Recalling bad experiences

Men do not recover from hurt as easily as women do. If they have had traumatic experiences from their past relationship, they will be afraid to commit once another woman comes along. Men should be able to move on and not dwell on the past for them to be able to commit again.

Afraid of responsibilities

Committing to a woman can mean so many things for a man-it is added responsibilities. Meaning, he would need to devote more of his time and effort so the relationship would prosper. Commitment for other men is building a family and rearing children and this is one thing most of them are afraid of.

The thought of losing his freedom

Men see commitment as a chain that would bind them forever. They're afraid to lose their freedom and not be able to do things they have always loved doing. They believe they would no longer have good times with friends, doing their hobbies and having solitary time.

He's just not mature enough

Immaturity is another hindrance from commitment. They say that men do not mature as fast as women do. Settling down is far from their thoughts and he mostly thinks of nothing but just good times and having fun.

Still clings on to the past

Some men have not forgotten their past relationship yet even though they have entered a new one. It could be that he had a long relationship in the past that hurt him bad or it could be the thought that he can still go back together with his ex-girlfriend.

He still hasn't found Miss Right

A man may appear ready to settle down, he could be financially and emotionally secure but still has not committed to anybody. It could mean that he has not found the right woman to commit to and the girls that he meets do not level up to his standards. Sadly, he's still waiting for the right girl to come.

Commitment is a very heavy word, make sure that before you make a man commit, you're just as ready to face the future with someone in tow.

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