Why Do Some Men Never Call After a Few Dates? Here Are the Tips Which Will Save You a Lot of Pain

Published: 09th August 2010
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Dating can be a tough game to play-most especially if you're a newbie or if you still haven't caught on with the absolute rules. And one of the most depressing experiences that a woman could ever have while dating is when she thinks she finally attracted the man of her dreams-only to end up alone in the end.

A few good dates just don't guarantee that a guy would call you back. Here are the 7 reasons why guys wouldn't want to dial your number anymore:

Some guys like to test you

One very rare reason, nonetheless an existing one, is that men want to test you sometimes. It is often said that women let the man in their lives undergo so much trials in order to prove their love-well, men can act in the same manner sometimes. He just wants to observe how you deal with his broken promise. If you react emotionally, then he's assured that you do like him, too.

There's nothing left to discover

If you tell everything about you on the first date, or you slept with him on the next, then he has nothing more to look forward to. Since men love to chase, you should try to withhold some things so that you would become more appealing to him. Make your relationship as interesting as possible.

He was turned off during the first few dates

It doesn't matter what turned him off-it could be bad breath, the lack of table manners, or strings of boring conversations. Once a man realizes that you have nothing that catches his fancy, then it's impossible that he will get in touch with you.

He doesn't agree with your choice of clothing

Instead of telling you from the onset that you have to dress a certain way for him, he would rather not waste time and just decide not to call you-it's just easier that way. If you dress up like a slut when you date out, then there is no reason that he would ever want to call you again.

He probably thinks that you're not interested in him

Men are still afraid to be rejected-this is basic human nature. Once they feel that you're not that attracted, then they won't waste their energies at chasing someone that would surely say no.

He's just not ready yet

Fear of rejection or being turned off aren't the only reasons that men don't call, perhaps he realized during your dates that he's just not that ready to commit yet. If this is the case, you have no choice but to respect his feelings and to move on.

He sensed red flags

He might also have seen things that caused alarm. For instance, he might have learned through your conversations that you cheated on your boyfriend before or that you don't want children at all. These could be strong grounds for him to not contact you anymore.

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