Why Do Some Men Always Struggle to Commit No Matter What? Here is What You Must Read Right Now

Published: 09th August 2010
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There are plenty of reasons as to why some men find it hard to commit even though they claim to love their women. Getting down to the nitty-gritty has proved that men have certain issues about commitment. These issues have been around since ages past and all it requires from the women is to understand them. Here are some reasons as to why your man finds it hard to commit.

Loss of freedom
Too many men enjoy their freedom too much to give it up. What they don't realize is that they need not really give it up at all. If they enjoy the love of a woman who really loves and understands them, then there is no reason for them to fear that she would invade their space and make them give up their precious time alone.

Fear of the future
This could happen when the man does not really know and understand his partner. If he is not sure of the love he shares with her, he will be unsure of their future together. When there is no solid foundation of love and trust it is difficult to be confident of the future, making it difficult for him to commit.

Fear of responsibility
Sometimes the man is just not ready to take on the added responsibility that comes with commitment. He is probably afraid of being the breadwinner or raising a family. This fear will never make him commit to a relationship.

Fear of children
This fear can be real for many guys. The fear of children, having to raise them and be responsible for them can stop them from making a commitment. These are men who do know that once they commit - it means saying "yes" to the whole package! They will not commit till they know for sure that they are ready for it.

Inferiority complex
There are many men who suffer from an inferiority complex. Looking at their friends and family members who have make a huge success of being a husband, father etc, makes them afraid of never coming up to scratch and being as successful. This insecurity and inferiority complex will make them hesitate to commit.

Scared of failure
Men who have been a failure in the past are scared to make the same mistakes and be a failure the second time around. Unless they get over the fear of rejection and guilt feelings of the past, they will be unable to have positive feelings about commitment and a new relationship. This will inhibit them and cause them not to commit.

Men who are basically selfish and are into a relationship just to get something out of it will never want to commit because commitment means "give and take". A man who is into "just dating" will never want to lose his freedom and commit.

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