Why Being Rude Can Actually Get Your Ex Back! Find Out the Most Outrageous Psychological Trick!

Published: 07th September 2010
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Do you want your ex back, but they treat you as if you don't exist or don't matter? Has your ex told you that they will NEVER get back together with you, and have they said they don't love you anymore?

You see, if you want your ex back, but they are treating you indifferently, you need to do something outrageous! Yup, that may sound crazy, but trust me, it's the most powerful psychological trick which will make your ex regret breaking up with you!

Read on to find out how you can use this trick to your advantage...

The outrageous psychological trick

If you want to get your ex back, then you need to be rude! YES, RUDE. Look at it this way... as humans we are psychologically prone to notice rude things more than we notice nice things. Not only this, but when someone we know is rude to us, we become really bothered.

BUT, the outrageous part of this is the fact that your ex will be EXTREMELY bothered if you were to suddenly start acting rude towards him/her. This is because your ex actually hasn't forgotten about you, and he/she still has feelings for you!

The reason your ex acts indifferently towards you is because he/she actually just hates the things you do, but the fact of the matter is that they will NOT be able to ignore you or treat you badly once you act rude towards them.

The right kind of rude!

I'm not talking about swearing at your ex, but rather, I'm talking about playing hard to get and making a challenge for your ex. Within this you will have to ignore your ex, and blow him/her off.

This means you will stop calling your ex and you will return everything they are doing to you back. Once you do this, your ex will go nuts. He/she will end up feeling abandoned and will feel as if you are rejecting them.

Your ex will hate that feeling, and will begin seeking your attention. You will notice your ex trying to contact you again, but you should continue to ignore them slightly, so that your ex will always be curious about you.

A Rude Trick

Within this, you can tell your ex that you are thankful for the breakup, and then you can start dating someone your ex hates. This will make your ex completely regret breaking up with you, because he/she will become completely jealous.

You can also try dating someone who is the complete opposite of your ex, so that your ex feels replaced and feels as if you never wanted or liked them. This furthermore makes your ex seek your attention so that they can prove to you that he/she is still attractive, because your ex will feel as though they are not once you do this.

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