When is He Going to Ask Me to Marry Him? Here is How to Know What's Going on in His Mind Instantly

Published: 01st September 2010
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You have been going around with this guy for some time and now as your biological clock is ticking away you want to settle down and have a family. Sadly your man has still not popped the question and you are beginning to get anxious. Well, don't worry even if your man has not popped the question you can still come to know if you notice these signs in his demeanor.

Dates are at classy places
If you realize that your man has had a change of taste recently and is taking you to all the classy places for you date then he surely is spending all his hard earned dollars on someone he wants to spend the rest of his life with. Why would someone spend on girl they don't intend to marry?

Involves his family
If you are invited to his family functions like birthdays, anniversary or any other program of consequence then it is a sign that he wants to test the waters. He is trying to integrate you into his family. He will only do this if he sees a future with you.

Refuses to leave town
If your man who otherwise is very career oriented refuses to leave the city/town/county for better job prospects that means he is into you and does not want to leave you. This is a sure sign that sooner rather than later he will ask you to marry him.

Behaves like you are his wife
If your man makes plans of buying a house or an insurance policy or consults you on every big investment decision that he makes then he surely is planning to pop the question in the next few weeks.

Wants to earn more
If you notice that your man has become a bit stingy with his money and does not spend it like he used to. Or if he suddenly has started working hard and works extra hours to make more money then he is planning something big. He may even take his job seriously and work harder than he used to. Well, he is doing this so that he can finally take the plunge.

Visits your home often
If your man intends to marry you he will befriend your siblings and try and impress your parents that he is a good match for their daughter. He will come to your home more often and spend time with your family. He wants to gain their confidence before he asks your hand.

Discusses marriage
All of a sudden he begins to discuss marriages and how to make them successful. He will also discuss potential honeymoon destinations. If he does this he is definitely planning something big.

Well if your man is doing all or some of these then you need not worry he is going to ask you the question soon. Be ready with a big 'YES' as your answer.

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