What to Say to Your Ex to Make Them Return Your Phone Calls! One Sentence That Works Immediately!

Published: 07th September 2010
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Is your ex ignoring you and do they avoid picking up your calls? You see, if you are suffering from break up pain, and you need your ex back so that you can finally be happy again, all you have to do is use one simple sentence!

Read on to find out what to say to your ex to make him/her return your phone calls...

The first thing you have to do

Before you say anything more to your ex, the very first thing you need to do is cut off contact for 7 days. Yes, that is one week, and while it may seem counter productive it actually works in your favor.

You see, you want your ex to talk to you again, but you first need to build curiosity so that your ex will actually want to talk to you. You can only do this by cutting off contact.

What you want to say

After you have cut off all contact, if your ex is male, send him this text message:

"The date was awesome! He was cuter than I thought, AND he asked me out to"---

If your ex is female, send her this text message:

"She's absolutely gorgeous. I'm taking her out next Friday again, and can't wait to"---

This will give your ex the impression that you are dating someone new, and since you have cut off contact for a week, your ex will most definitely believe it. He/she will also think that you have accidentally sent this text message to them by mistake.

This will then make your ex text you back or call you back asking who it is that you are seeing or what this message meant.

The call back

When your ex calls you back, you don't want to respond right away. If you respond right away, they may tell something is up, or will notice that you are too desperate still.

Instead, make your ex wait, and text them back later, or when they call again pick up and tell them that you are busy now and can't talk. By cutting things short, you will have effectively created a chase for your ex, and will have challenged them to seek your attention.

Your ex will end up seeking your attention even more, and will end up chasing you now.

Another trick

Once you have started talking to your ex again, don't talk about the past, and continue playing hard to get, but at the same time make sure you have NEW and exciting things to talk about so that you can make your ex further more interested in you again.

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