What to Do When Your Girlfriend Dumps You! Follow These Tips Before You Do Anything Else

Published: 04th August 2010
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It is natural that you feel used, taken for a ride, or ripped when you realize that you have been unceremoniously dumped by your girlfriend. However, life still goes on and no matter what, you still have to walk this earth with your head held high. Here is how you can deal with this problem.

Get real
The sooner you come to terms with the fact that you have been dumped the better it will be for you and your future relationships. She expects you to feel miserable and devastated so turn the tables and show that although you are hurting you can take it in your stride. Show her and the world that you are man enough to tide over such things.

This too shall come to pass
There have been countless occasions in your life when you thought that this is the end of the world however, eventually things sorted out and you moved on. So, convince yourself that you will not be affected by this event and try to move on.

Get support
You will have to join a forum or support groups that will help ease your burden. Don't however try to seek solace in common friends. Make new ones or seek old ones with whom you had lost contact. The key here is that you need someone who will lend you an ear without being judgmental.

Get your confidence back
The only thing that will make you happy now is your own self belief and self confidence. Focus on your work or studies and get immersed in what you do best. Your girlfriend has to know that the breakup did not break you as a person. Once she realizes this she will rue the fact that she dumped a guy like you.

Steely determination
Once you have made a resolve to overcome this personal tragedy, then, come what may, you have to succeed. There will be times when you will feel tempted to go back to her and start all over again. However, once you have decided that you are done with the past, keep it that way.

Chuck the bitterness
Agreed your past experience has left a sour taste in your mouth, however, for the sake of your own well being and your future relationship it is better that you chuck any bitterness you have about your ex-girlfriend. This will make you a better person.

Forgive and forget
Remember there is more to life than a few failed relationships. All great men/women had failed relationships and you are no different. So, the best way forward is forgive your ex-girlfriend and close the chapter. Life has many more surprises in store for you.

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