What to Do When Your Ex Won't Call You Back? The Complete Guide to Establishing Contact Again!

Published: 07th September 2010
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Maybe your ex doesn't call you at all, or perhaps they ignore your calls. Maybe your ex never calls you back...or perhaps your ex even completely ignores you! So what do you do when your ex won't call you back?

Use this complete guide to establish contact with your ex again:

Do NOT hit the panic button

Dialing up your ex's number and acting as if there is an emergency, is literally the same thing as hitting the panic button...

Calling your ex excessively, because you are afraid to lose them, also counts as hitting the panic button....

Freaking out over the breakup and becoming emotionally distraught, is also panicking.

Do you see what I mean here? The last thing you want to do is keep hitting the panic button, and treating your ex like a pain relief pill. Your ex does NOT want to have to be forced to always come to your rescue and make things "all better"...and thinks it's very selfish of you to even have that kind of demand right now.

You see, your ex is ignoring you, because you are not fulfilling their needs, and the are also ignoring you, because you are concentrating solely on what YOU want, rather than what your ex wants.

You are sitting there thinking how badly YOU want your ex back, how lonely YOU feel, and how YOU cannot live without them. It's not always about you, and that's why your ex has begun ignoring you, because you hit the panic button and made it a selfish venture.

So quit panicking, stop calling, and get your head together. This will have a much better effect on your ex, and will make them contact you again, because you will actually appear to be in good spirits, as well as be mentally sane.

Appreciating your ex

This trick will help you establish contact again, because it shows your ex that you are concentrating on the right things. The right things to concentrate on here, are the places where your ex was hurt, and you need to repair these areas.

The best way to do that is to appreciate your ex, by sending them an email which thanks them for SPECIFIC things they did for you, which you have never thanked them for before. Don't make the things obvious either, but rather thank them for smaller things, so that would really make your ex believe you really do love them and care about them.

You can also thank your ex for the breakup, and tell them exactly what it has done for you and how its helping you to change and become better. Don't talk about how you want them back, but rather talk about the future and how bright it looks now.

This will have a positive and LASTING affect on your ex, and will make them want to talk to you again, and call you back.

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