What to Do When Your Boyfriend Won't Commit? Here is What You Must Read Before It's Too Late

Published: 01st September 2010
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Got a boyfriend that bolts like a dog after it sees a bath being readied when you talk about commitment? Then you will need to use these steps to make him happily stride towards the altar instead of trying to leash him forever.

Visit an aunt's place for a week. Your boyfriend will not realize how much he loves you unless he misses you. You can make sudden plans to visit an out-of-town aunt for a week and let him miss you terribly. Make that plan when all his friends are away.

Impress his friends. Once you manage to impress his friends with your love and commitment towards your boyfriend, they will start teasing and pairing you with your boyfriend. Your boyfriend might start thinking about committing if his friends are impressed enough to think that you would make a good married couple.

Enjoy yourself while ignoring him a little. You can start to enjoy your own life with your girlfriends while ignoring him a little. This will demonstrate that you too can live your own life without commitment if you want. This will make him wish that he could enjoy life more as a couple in the future.

Make your intentions clear and then back off. Nagging your boyfriend will only make matters worse. Instead, simply tell your boyfriend that you would like the relationship to proceed into commitment and leave it at that. Allow him some time to ruminate on your wishes.

Show him that monogamy is not morbid. If he thinks that monogamy can be boring then convince him that you will still surprise him with your thoughts and actions. Take him on moonlight walks on the beach and tell him that this would be even more special after both of you enter into holy matrimony.

Show him that you have also invested in this relationship. You can also inform your boyfriend subtly that you have invested in this relationship in terms of time, love and sacrifices since you find him special. He too will begin to see matters from your perspective and find himself getting attracted to that alter.

Give him a deadline and stick to it. If you are totally serious about marriage then you might have to choose if your boyfriend remains non-committal. You can give him a deadline to answer and stick to it. Let him realize that you are totally serious. Maybe this might be the push that he himself might need to realize that you are too precious to be lost forever.

These steps will convince your boyfriend that you are actually serious about taking your relationship to the ultimate level. If your boyfriend truly loves you for life then he will surely see your point and happily get down on his knee before proposing marriage to you.

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