What to Do When He's Emotionally Unavailable - 7 Lessons to Be Learned! You Don't Want to Miss This

Published: 11th August 2010
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This is the absurd truth about women and men. Women associate the success of relationships with all aspects - physical, emotional and even psychological. However, men seem to be more talented in departmentalizing these three aspects. A guy can be purely physical, without the mental and emotional aspects. It is very rare, that a guy becomes emotionally and psychologically attached without the need for the physical factor. This can be a challenge for women who are in search for the complete package. So what is a girl to do when a guy seems to be "emotionally unavailable"?

First, know how to spot an emotionally unavailable man

Are you reading the signs right, or have you just been reading too many self-help books? An emotionally unavailable man is someone who feels the constant need to be with someone, but he cannot commit to anyone in particular. He's always seen with somebody, but that somebody isn't necessarily the same person he was with yesterday. An emotionally unavailable man is reluctant to give contact details, because he doesn't like being reached. Nor does he reveal too much about himself. Although he is capable of showing interest, he also may be extremely inclined or addicted to something, like gadgets, sports, work, and even promiscuity, that he will be unable to consistently show affection for one person. He likes physical intimacy, but for him, there is absolutely no emotion associated with sex.

Do not avoid the predicament. Deal with it.

Here's your chance to set someone's world right. If you do meet an interesting guy who catches your heart, but he is emotionally unavailable, you still have every chance of winning him over. But telling yourself "he's not worth the effort" when you haven't tried anything yet is worse than having tried and failed.

Know your worth.

Ladies, when you meet an emotionally unavailable man, never downplay your worth just to satisfy him. It's called tough love, but you will have to teach him how to appreciate every piece of you, the right way. Beg to differ from all the other women who come and go. After you've noticed how he would call only when he wants some sack action, and not even ask about your day, it's time you changed the rules. Two things can happen here - he could start to miss you, or he could simply look for attention elsewhere. If he does the latter, let it be. You haven't lost anything. If he does the former, continue the lesson.

Keep your distance.

Here's the truth about emotionally unavailable men. They crave for attention and affection. If you start avoiding him, and focus on other people and worthy activities, he will start to feel that huge void in his life, and may attempt to make amends.

Do not fall for the sweet talking.

And when he does try to make amends, an emotionally unavailable man will exhaust his powers to try and please you. But, if you fall for his sweetness the first time he tries it, he will consider it as a learned behavior ("I do this, and she responds with that.") Pretty soon, you will notice a pattern, and you will want to hit yourself in the head for falling for his pretences.

Do not give him fake ultimatums.

"If you don't come home this instant, I'm not going to here when you arrive!" may seem like a reason for him to rush home, but if you've used this line endless times in the past, forget about it working. To set an emotionally unavailable man straight, you need to mean what you say. It's the only way he will learn about credibility.

Take the easy way out.

An emotionally unavailable man is like a disease. He spreads negativity and hopelessness in a relationship. A mistake that women make when dealing with these types of men is settling, or giving way too many chances on the assumption that they will eventually change. Who's to say they won't? But you wouldn't want to be on the losing edge. They may change, but that doesn't mean you're the person they will choose to be with in the end. Take the easy way out and leave the relationship while you can. You've given him all the right signals and he hasn't picked up. You cannot force a man who isn't ready or available to commit.

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