What Personality Traits Will Make a Man Fall in Love With a Woman? Read This Right Away

Published: 06th September 2010
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Ask happy couples about the first time they laid eyes on one another, and they'll be more than happy to share with you their firsts. Perhaps the question most asked to these couples is, "What was in him or her that made your heart skip a beat?" With countless happy couples in the world, you could be bombarded with a million different answers.

But ask the guys. They'll tell you what personality traits of their women partners made them fall in love for the last time. Are you looking to meet the man of your dreams? Do a quick self-check and ask yourself if you have these traits which could make anyone fall for you.

1. Warmth and gentleness. The society considers men to be hard and strong, and women are the ultimate equalizers. Women who are warm, gentle and caring are considered the perfect mates. In the mating jungle, men search for women who can show emotions who can be loving wives and caring mothers.

2. Confidence. In today's competitive world, women refuse to downplay their rights and skills, and are now able to compete with men in any field. This change in the female's societal roles has given men reasons to respect and value women more. Men are challenged to pursue a woman who is independent and confident, no matter what her looks are.

3. Dedication and determination. Women who know what they want and how to get it instantly earn the respect of any man around. Also, women who know how to say "no" project that they have a mind of their own and will not be too dependent. Determined women say what they want with ease and clarity.

4. Sense of humor. Who says only men can crack jokes and be silly? They may not admit it, but men think that women with the ability to make anyone laugh through jokes and playfulness make a wonderful partner. Women are generally emotional, but it's great to see they have a cute, funny and light side too. It tells men they have a positive attitude in life.

5. Intelligence. Guys can't stand talking to, or being with someone dumb. In a partner, guys look for someone who can carry on a meaningful conversation, and who is well-versed in just about any topic. There's nothing more pathetic for guys than a girl who only has beauty without brains.

6. Independence. Guys run at the first sight of a clingy woman. Also, some guys like to take their time with relationships, so clingy girls tend to be their number one fright. Independent women, however, will not cling. These girls like to take their time, and may not appreciate being tied down too early.

7. Finally, guys look for sincerity and honesty in women they see as potential life partners. Guys fall for women who are themselves. A woman who is natural and sincere tells a man she can be trusted to remain faithful to him for always.

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