What Kind of Women Do Men Want? You Will Never Struggle to Understand Men After You Understand This

Published: 01st September 2010
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When you are still single and your friends are already happy with their partners, you are wondering if you are someone that men would want. True enough, there are really some certain qualifications that men want in women. This is also true among women. Reflect and you will realize that you also have your own standards when it comes to liking men. Here are some tips about the kind of woman that men want.

1.Men prefer soft and feminine women

Men like women who will make them feel that they are needed. By nature, men are egoistic and they want to be superior to women. This is why men would like to be with women whom they can show that they will be able to protect. Although there are some men that like powerful and dominant women, majority of men would still prefer the soft and feminine type.

2. Not too judgmental

Men do not like women who are very judgmental and would give nasty comments to everything that they see. Although this is a common trait of women, men do not like those types. If you are like this, then you should try making those nasty comments into constructive criticisms without being sarcastic.

3. Men like intelligent women

Actually, men are very much attracted to intelligent women. Of course, men still prefer those women whom they are physically attracted with, but intelligence ranks second. Men love women who are articulate, smart, and opinionated.

4. Have a good sense of humor

Men love to joke around so they are looking for women who have a good sense of humor. They prefer those whom they can crack jokes with and laugh with them. On the other hand, men do not get attracted to women who easily get upset with jokes.

5. Men love girls that are patient

Obviously, men are more insensitive as compared to women. But there are also some instances wherein men would realize their insensitivities. They would truly appreciate a woman who is patient enough to understand those insensitivities and doesn't pressure him.

6. Men want honest women

By being true to yourself and not pretending to be another person, you will be able to attract men. Men want honest women because they feel that these women are authentic. Be honest in everything that you say and do not lie just to impress him.

7. Men like women who are open minded

You should show your willingness to explore other possibilities and accept new ideas. Do not be self centered or selfish because men do not like girls of this type.

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