What Kind of a Woman Do Men Want? Here is What Every Man Out There Desperately Need in a Woman

Published: 23rd August 2010
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Even the most "playful" men are seeking for the hot chick with the golden heart. A lot of men are like bees, moving from one flower to another in search for the perfect nectar that will satisfy their needs.

The question is, are men really polygamous by nature? The answer is "NO!" A woman should simply dig deeper into his shirt to find out what kind of women do men want.

Here are a few of the points all females can benefit from.

1. Trophy Girlfriend.

A girl that can make her man proud wherever they go is the kind of woman a man desires to have. It doesn't mean she has to look sexy and pretty like a super model. Showing confidence in her achievements are not being affected by other people's negative comments are things that makes a girl wanted by most men.

2. A Shock Absorber.

A girl should feel his pain and be ready to take some to ease his pain. Sometimes, he just needs someone to talk to without the worry of being judged and laughed at. Although giving advice may sound helpful, a girl should be sensitive enough to feel whether she has to hive her hones opinion about the matter or not.

3. An Entertainer

If she can make him laugh at her "playing stupid" actions sometimes, then her man will find it hard to replace her for another. A good laugh is what a man needs to forget about the arguments he had at work.

4. A Sexy Waitress

She should serve him like a king. In the name of love, this is should not be difficult to do. A woman who can stay attractive and alluring while serving him his delicious dinner is worth the sacrifices of marriage on men.

5. A Confidante

She should always be around for him to rely on at times when he thinks that there is no one else to entrust his secrets to. A girl, who can function both as a lover and a best friend, is like a man's gift for keeps.

6. A Mother

A mother is someone who cares constantly and loves unconditionally. Forget about the nagging part, for most men hate this. The girlfriend, who can play the mother role, is someone who can sit quietly at night while waiting for him. Instead of exploding as soon as he arrives home, she delights in the idea that her beloved is back home safe. Not many women can do this, but it's advantageous for both of them when she masters the art of loving him just like a mum.

7. An Accountant

A girl who can impress her man with the way she handles her finances is also very crucial for men. A happy relationship can collapse when spending money becomes a concern. If she can save and spend wisely each time she goes to the mall with her friends, then it means there's no reason for any man to doubt her credibility in upholding her future family's needs.

If a woman is willing to work hard and be willing enough to understand how each role can make a man love her and want her for life, then she can say good bye to all her sleepless nights. If she thinks she has found the man she wants to grow old with, then sacrificing to make sure he never leaves is never a big deal.

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