What Does it Take to Make Any Man Fall in Love With a Woman! Every Woman Must Know This

Published: 07th September 2010
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Ever once in a while you will meet a man who will bowl you over with his looks, demeanor and attitude. If you are not equipped to make him crazy for you, you will not only miss the bus but also a golden opportunity to net your potential soul mate.

These seven tips will ensure that you are able to make any man fall in love with you.

Work on the way you look
You will have to look gorgeous and desirable. This does not mean you alter your nose or fix your breasts but you will have to look and feel comfortable in your skin. The best way to do this by practicing good personal hygiene and remaining fit. Your sense of dressing and wearing your hair will also have to be contemporary.

Get rid of your negative attributes
No matter what you think of yourself you will still have some weaknesses that are visible to your friends and family members. Try and fix them with professional help. Most often we don't realize that we have bad breath or foul body odor and need someone to point it out. There is nothing to be ashamed of if you have any of these as all God's children have them in varying degrees.

Good social skills
Never put up an act when you are in the presence of good looking men. It's a dead giveaway. Instead learn to be friendly and appreciate difference of opinion. Being honest is also a virtue that will not go unnoticed.

Converse without fear
To converse effectively you will first have to master the art of listening. Let other people do the talking before you give your opinion. Being headstrong is a put off and repulses others. However, always speak of positive things and look at the other person in the eye when talking.

Make him comfortable in your presence
This is one quality that men admire the most. You don't want the man to feel awkward in your company. Use humor and be witty even when discussing serious topics. This will lower your man's guard and he will feel comfortable in your company.

Don't hang around unnecessarily
Learn the art of making a graceful exit when the time is right. This will make him crave for you more. Hanging around till he is tired of you will be counterproductive. Let him look forward to meeting you again and again. This way you can set up the chase, which most men love.

Know your moment
As he begins to chase you and meet you often, you should look for the opportune moment when you give him a hint that you are into him. Timing this to perfection will hook him for life. However, you will have to judge when you do this. Do not be ambiguous and profess your true feelings for him honestly.

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