What Does it Take to Attract & Keep a Younger Guy? Really Helpful Tips You Shouldn't Miss at All

Published: 09th August 2010
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They say that age should not be a factor in having relationships. As long that there is love and respect, the relationship can work out. Men are typically attracted to younger women; this is because youthfulness is oftentimes associated with beauty and freshness. However, an older woman who is interested in a younger man might not have the same luck. If you are an older woman and wants to have a relationship with a younger man, here are some tips that can help you in attracting them:

Don sexy and classy clothing.
A woman's age should not hinder her from wearing the clothes that she wants. If you have the confidence and a body to match, go ahead and wear that slinky dress. But also be modest in terms of dressing up. Too much skin exposure will not impress a guy.

Do not let age be a factor.
Since you are older than him, you might sometimes feel that you are not right to be with him. Do not give in to that kind of thinking. Remember that the way you think determines the way you act. Think young and feel young!

Do not make him feel inferior.
Because of your age gap, you might have more experiences when compared to your guy. You might be more established than he is when in comes to your finances and career. Do not brag about your achievements. If he feels inferior, he will be intimidated to approach you, more so, establish a relationship with you.

Thou shall not be boring.
Just because you are old doesn't mean that you lose all the fun. Sometimes older people get the most fun because they now know how to appreciate life. Be adventurous and sporty. These are characteristics that young men look for.

Highlight your best qualities.
You may feel that you lack some but the truth is, you have more than what all the younger girls have. Showcase your wisdom, your humor, and your abilities.

Thou shall not be clingy.
Younger men are more likely to choose older women because they are less needy. They are more secure. And if you begin acting like the typical college girlfriend who asks him each time he goes out on his own, then you're done for.

Be his mom and girlfriend.
Older women provide what younger men need. They need the romance of a lover and the care of a mother. A man needs to feel like he's a man and he also needs to feel that he is pampered. Provide him these and you are sure to win his heart.

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