What Does it Mean When Your Boyfriend Stops Calling You? Know This Before It's Too Late

Published: 01st September 2010
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Sometimes it feels like your boyfriend is not responding to your messages, and has stopped calling you. What you want to know is why he refuses to return your calls. There could be plenty of reasons as to why he suddenly seems to ignore you and yes, it could mean that he is losing interest. But the best thing to do is not to over-react and find out the truth.

First find out if you are being unreasonable
If you have been calling your boyfriend a hundred times a day and expecting him to do the same, then it is only natural that he might find it impossible to keep you satisfied. Don't make him tired of you. Give him some breathing space!

It could be that he's slowly losing interest
No woman likes to hear this, but if your boyfriend is getting bored in the relationship he is going to slowly pull away. The fact that he does not feel the urge to speak to you anymore means that he is looking for a more exciting relationship.

It could be a trick to find out if you really care
Sometimes guys try this out to find out if you really care enough to call back. They feel that if they don't message or call then you definitely will. He is doing this because you always call him no matter what. Try keeping away from the phone and see if he doesn't call you.

He could be sending you a message
Have you been too pushy and demanding? Maybe you have been bullying him into calling you a dozen times a day. Sooner or later if your boyfriend is a man and not a mouse he is going to rebel and stop calling you just to show you that it should be him who calls the shots.

He thinks you take him for granted
Sometimes women tend to take their boyfriends for granted. Maybe yours thinks that you don't really appreciate the times he has called you. If you have been matter of fact about his calls it is obvious that at some point or the other your boyfriend is going to stop calling just to teach you a lesson and make you miss him.

It could be last straw
It's possible that your boyfriend has been trying to let you know a few things about your relationship but you are not willing to listen to him. The best way to send you the message loud and clear is not to call you at all.

Is it "tit for tat"?
Have you put your boyfriend through misery in the past by not calling or returning his calls? Well, it could be that he is letting you have a dose of the same medicine.

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