What Do Guys Really Want in a Girlfriend! Know This & You Won't Struggle Around Men Anymore

Published: 01st September 2010
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Most women really long to know what guys really want in a girlfriend so that they can qualify! People surmise that one has to look like a poster girl to catch the eye of guys - but they couldn't be more wrong! There are other things that men look for in girls - things that tend to be overlooked or thought insignificant. A quick look at the following will give you an idea of the real qualities buys look for in a girlfriend.

Guys like girls who are upfront and honest
Don't try to be someone else. Show the guys who you are and don't be afraid of being who you are. Guys hate finding out that it was "all an act". Speaking honestly and openly will make him admire you more.

Guys love girls who don't take things for granted
Never ever imagine things that aren't really there. For example don't try to coerce the guy into dating you. At the same time don't ignore what he does for you. Appreciation is what guys look for.

Guys want girls to have a backbone of their own
A girl who refuses to make choices or take decisions on her own will come across as a wimp or a girl who does not have a backbone. Independence and confidence are two qualities that guys do admire in a girl.

Guys like a girl who can laugh along with him
Everyone knows that a sense of humor makes a person even more attractive. A Girl who can see the lighter side of life is one who will endear others to her. Laughing with your guy and laughing at your guy are two different things - so make sure you are doing the right thing.

Guys want girls who are trustworthy
Deep down there is always a fear of your partner cheating on you. No guy likes to be constantly worried whether their girlfriend is being faithful or not. A girl who can assure her boyfriend that she has eyes only for him will be loved more. Honesty and fidelity are highly appreciated traits in a girlfriend.

Guys like to "show off" their girls
It is only natural that a guy likes a pretty or attractive looking girl on his arm. What better way to be envied by his peers? A girl who looks after her health and body, takes care to dress well and manages to look "hot" will definitely delight her guy. Take care to look good for him.

Guys like girls with the right attitude
The attitude of a girl says it all. Even if you are not the "gorgeous looker" you can steal hearts by having the right attitude. In the end it is how you interact with the guy that will either "make it" or "break it" for you. Don't be a snob, act spoilt or too indulgent - you will lose the guy.

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