What Do Guys Really Want in a Girlfriend? Here Are the Most Important Things Every Man Wants

Published: 23rd August 2010
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Contrary to popular belief men don't look for much in a girlfriend. Their needs are much like what they want from all their possessions like a car or a bike. Read on for the seven important things guys want their girls to have.

Best friend
Although men like to project themselves as the ultimate decision makers and confident beings they do feel the need to consult and seek approval. And what better person than ones girlfriend that will give an honest opinion. Men know that if they have a girlfriend they can fall back on she will always keep his interest in mind.

Attractive personality
Men like women that are charming and attractive. It is not looks that matter the most but the complete package that matters. Guys want their girlfriends to have a personality of their own. They want her to stand out in a crowd and be counted. A great sense of clothes and awareness of the latest trends in the fashion world will make you a complete woman.

Loving and caring
Guys will kill for a loving and caring partner. After some time looks will fade and all you will be left with is your attitude and nature. A loving and caring life partner is all that guys want.

Fun loving partner
Guys enjoy the company of women that are fun to be with. They know that there will never be a dull moment when the girl they are with enjoys corny jokes. Sense of humor along with the ability to see the lighter side of life makes a woman more attractive. If you can make a man laugh heartily you have won half the battle.

Guys like to be trusted and expect that their girls to be trustworthy as well. Guys are instinctively drawn to girls that are trustworthy after all more than anything it is their ego that takes a beating when they are with girls that double time them.

Cool and calm
Both men and women love partners that are cool and calm both on the outside as well as on the inside. More often than not girls are prone to fly off the handle over trivial things and therefore guys value girlfriends that can maintain their calm and think objectively

Healthy sexual appetite
Every guy expects his girlfriend to be a tigress in bed. Guys like girls that are not afraid to experiment and are open to sharing fantasies and living them.

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