What Do Guys Really Want in a Girlfriend? Do Not Ignore This at Any Possible Cost

Published: 01st September 2010
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When it boils down to the nitty-gritty of finding the right girlfriend to bring home for Thanksgiving, the looks will not matter as much as the personality. Looks are superficial while personality gives depth to a woman. What do guys really look for in a girlfriend? There were surveys and studies made and men do not like silly girls who giggle a lot and jump up and down when happy or excited.

Men are not seriously keen to keep a girlfriend who is fashionable but dumb! Men are not into girls who are act immature and too "childish". Here are some more tips on what men want in a girlfriend.

Men want confident women. Men are not really looking for physically attractive women for they know the physical beauty is superficial. Men want confident women as a woman who is self-assured and confident will be able to hold up to most situations and conversations.

Men want women with personality. Attractiveness plays an important role too in finding a girlfriend for after all it's what initially attracted a man to a woman. However, there should be a balance with personality and looks. It would be great to have a nice looking girlfriend but a girl with personality and pizzazz is more important.

Men want women who take care of themselves. Not all women are lucky enough to be beautiful and who possess nice curves. That is a given. However, an average looking woman could look very attractive if she knows how to take care of herself in terms of keeping fit, neat and clean. Men do not generally like plump women, according to them. So it would do you a lot of good to stay fit and trim.

Men look for women who has strength of character. A woman who has the capacity to be kind, has the conviction to stand for what she believes in, has the inner strength to fight for her beliefs attracts men. Generally, men do not like wishy-washy women.

Men are attracted to women who have a sense of humor. A woman who has a sense of humor is definitely a plus point for men. Who would want to get stuck with a woman who cannot even laugh at her own mistakes? A woman with a sense of humor would be an easy person to get along with as she could find the lighter side on any situation.

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