What Can I Do to Make My Ex Stop Ignoring Me? The Answer Which Solves This Common Breakup Dilemma!

Published: 07th September 2010
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Do you often wonder what you can do to make your ex stop ignoring you? Do you feel really frustrated and hurt when you notice them deliberately going out of their way to avoid you? Are you looking for a once and for all, "SOLVE-ALL" solution which will get you out of this dilemma, so that you can get your ex back?

Here is how you can solve the common breakup dilemma of being ignored after a breakup:

Understand that NOTHING will happen when you are desperate

Do you chase your ex around like crazy? Do you call them all the time, especially when they don't answer the first 3 times you call...? Do you beg and plead with them to reconsider?

You see, nothing will happen when you are desperate, and you will always be ignored so long as you are allowing your emotions to get in the way. You should never allow your desperation to control what goes on between you and your ex, because it will make your ex ignore you more.

What you should do instead, is you should act as if you don't need your ex anymore, because this will make them want to know WHY you are ignoring them suddenly too.

Of course, when someone ignores you, you feel as if you have done something wrong, and your ex will feel the same way too. They will wonder why you aren't suddenly calling, and why you suddenly seem to have moved on. This curiosity will be a aid in getting your ex back.

Boosting your ex's ego....don't do it!

By seeking the approval and attention of your ex you literally tell them that you need them so badly that you are willing to lose your own self respect. This only boosts their ego and gives them all the power and control.

What you should do instead, is you should act dry towards your ex and should begin acting as if you no longer care about them. This makes your ex seek your attention all over again, because they will suddenly be forced to stop taking you for granted, and will begin appreciating you.

Don't make your ex the topic...

Your ex ignores you, because you are always talking about the relationship, what could be, what was, and of course your ex... after some time this topic just gets boring and your ex has heard enough of it.

So, reverse this by simply avoiding talking about this subject all together, and in fact completely avoid this subject at all costs.

Instead, talk about things which you are doing NOW and fun things you have been up to. This will give your ex something new to concentrate on, and will also give them a reason to want to talk to you more often.

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