What Can I Do to Make a Guy Want Me More Than Ever Before? Here is How to Make Him Want You More

Published: 09th August 2010
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Do you want your man to want you even more than he does now? It is easy to do that when you know the right techniques! Get your man to find you even more irresistible and sexy. Get him to want you so much that he can't take his hands off you! These tips will help you get started.

Upgrade your looks
He fell in love with your looks and personality when you first met. By now he has gotten used to them and can start taking them for granted. This is where you should surprise him and upgrade your looks so as to excite him and make him desire you even more. Look sexy and get into shape.

Be sensitive to his wants
The best way to make him want you more is to be sensitive to his wants, desires, and satisfy him immediately. Don't make him wait and lose his patience. Be quick to cater to his needs and don't ignore him.

Make him think of you at work
Before he can go to work, slip a love note into his briefcase telling him that you can't wait for him to come back. Insinuate that you want him to make love to you. Compliment him and tell him that you think he is terrific! This will make him want you like crazy and he will be in a state of anticipation.

Don't disappoint him
Don't forget that you have managed to arouse him and want you while he was at work. Don't disappoint him when he returns and make sure that he has a wonderful time with you. Plan to have a romantic candlelit dinner with soft music, wine and delicious food. It will work!

Buy yourself some sexy lingerie
Sometimes women make the mistake of forgetting to pamper themselves and attract their men by wearing clothes that accentuate their sensuality and sexuality. Buy your self some sexy lingerie and he will appreciate that immediately and want you more.

Want him more!
Don't wait for him to make the first move. Why don't you take the initiative and show your man how much you love and want him first. He is sure to reciprocate and respond in like manner. The very fact that you took the lead will make him want you more.

Be utterly faithful
Nothing turns a man on more than knowing that their woman has eyes only for them. Show your man that attention and friendly overtures from other men mean nothing to you. Once he realizes that your heart belongs to him alone, he will always want you more.

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