What Attracts a Man to a Woman? Here Are the Secrets Most Women Don't Really Know

Published: 01st September 2010
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This is one question that troubles women the most and has given birth to a multi billion dollar industry - Cosmetics. However, to answer your question in the words of Jerry Seinfeld "men just want women", it is women who look for lot of qualities in their man - rich, handsome, tall, dark, well built, so on and so forth.

On a serious note if you want to know what it is that makes women more attractive to men then you have to think of three things which are universal. All men no matter from which part of the globe they come want three things in their woman and get attracted to such women.

Women with character and great attitude

A man admires women that show spine and have a no nonsense attitude. This does not mean that he likes women who are head strong and too full of themselves but he likes women that have the strength to stand their ground.

Women who feel comfortable in their skin walk tall and straight. Such women do not readily give a lift to a man that makes his interest in her evident and begins chasing her. The harder the chase the more attractive the woman becomes for the man. On the other hand if the woman shows that she is easy prey the man loses his interest fast.

A good attitude also means that the woman is compassionate and aware of others feelings around her. A woman that shows her caring and loving side attracts more men than women who do not. After all at the basic level all men want their women to take care of their progeny. And a strong women that is able to defend her turf and also take care of the weak makes her more attractive.

Rare talent

No matter how much forward looking or liberated the men claim they are at their heart they are all chauvinists in varying degrees. The woman they have on their arm has to be special and she should cause a lot of heart burn amongst his peers. Now this does not necessarily mean that he wants a beauty queen but it means he wants a woman with rare qualities that he can show off and feel proud of.

If you are woman then it would be nice if you acquainted yourself with all the likes and dislikes of men in general. A little bit of knowledge of cars, gizmos, football teams and other stuff that men generally banter about when with their friends will not do you any harm.

At the same time you should also be able to talk on the finer things in life like books, music, religion, art etc. If you are not well versed in these areas it would not do you any harm if you updated yourself on such issues. It will only enhance your personality.

Ability to laugh heartily

This is one trait that is endearing to both men and women. A good sense of humor and ability to have a witty and naughty conversation makes women more attractive to men. Men instinctively know that there is never going to be a dull moment with such type of women. Also a woman's ability to laugh at herself or her kind shows mental maturity that men seek in women. A man would never let go a woman that has this rare quality.

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