What Attracts a Man? Here Are the Keys Which Will Instantly Attract Any Man Towards You

Published: 23rd August 2010
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What is it about a woman that can hold a man spellbound? Well, most women would love to know the answer to that. If you really understand men and their feelings towards women it is easy to see what attracts them. Get a load of these tips and make yourself irresistible to men in no time at all.

Your looks
As far as the man's mating instincts are concerned, he's still as visual as ever and your appearance means everything to him. You have to take your grooming very seriously. Do all you can to look terrific and gorgeous! This means that you will have to adopt techniques that will enhance your assets.

Your sexuality
Every aspect that signifies your sexuality is going to attract him. Remember, for most males the whole seduction and dating game is about sex. Once you accept this fact you will realize the importance of oozing sex appeal.

Your intelligence
Strangely men do not like dumb women no matter how attractive she is. Eventually her physical charms will lose all appeal if she is dull and boring. Men do like to be stimulated mentally as well as physically.

Your innocence
No man really wants a woman who is too experienced and jaded. It makes him feel like he is just one of the many men in your life and he won't be the last. Men are attracted to women who are pretty na´ve in the ways of the world, feminine and sweet. This automatically arouses a paternal instinct to protect her and touch her.

Your individuality
No men like their woman to be a clone! He wants her to be different and outstanding. He looks for traits that prove her to be warm, loving and intelligent. You can easily attract a man if you don't conform to the usual boring wannabes that hang around him all the time.

Your sense of humor
All men are very attracted to a woman who has a great sense of humor. Being able to make him laugh is very important. It proves that you have a wonderful attitude and perspective of life. The fact that you can laugh and make others happy shows that you are not afraid of the sudden curve ball life may throw at you, and this is very attractive.

Your confidence
If you are a woman who is self confident then you will not cling or be too emotionally dependent. Men love to be given their space and be trusted. If you do both, you prove to him that you are confident of your abilities to attract a man and keep him.

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