What Are the Ways to Ask a Shy Guy Out? Here Are Some Great Ways Which Will Work Well For You

Published: 04th August 2010
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When you like someone who you know is very shy, you cannot just sit around and wait forever until the day when he will make the first move. The chances of him doing just that would be very slim, so it is advisable that you ask him out yourself. If you don't do this, it is possible that you will never get the chance to get to know him. Here are some things you can do in asking him out:

Start by being nice and friendly to him
In order to encourage someone who is shy, you need to start being friendly with him. Let him know that you won't bite and he can approach you anytime he wants. Do not ever show him that you are unavailable.

Engage in a small talk with him and do not feel bad when he doesn't talk much
You can try the small talk with him, whether it be about the weather or the cafeteria food. Do the small talk so that he will warm up to you. If he merely says a word in response, do not feel bad. Try talking to him the next time again.

Always give him a smile or a nod when you see him
Whenever you see him, make sure you give him a smile or a nod to encourage him. Let him know that you know he exists and that you notice him as well. This smile and nod will tell him that you are friendly.

Make eye contact with him
When you talk to him, be sure that you make eye contact. Do not be discouraged if he looks away. You must remember that this guy is shy and you have to give an all out effort if you want him to like you.

Talk to him about things you know he likes
The next time the two of you converse, talk about the things you both are interested in. If you belong to the same club, talk to him about your passion about it. Relax whenever the two of you talk. Do not force him to share more personal things.

Try doing very subtle flirting
This guy is shy but he isn't necessarily dense. Your actions would mean something to him. In order to let him know you are interested, do some flirting. Flirting with a shy guy is not the same with flirting with any other guy. Make it as subtle as possible so that he wouldn't be intimidated by your strong approach.

Ask him as casually as you can
Make sure that on the day you ask him out, you look your most beautiful and that you two have had enough interaction already. Do not come so strong when you ask him. Make your date sound as if it's going to be fun and casual. You can even invite him to do something that you know he'll look forward to.

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