What Are the Secrets to Keeping a Man in Love With You? Here is What You Should Read

Published: 01st September 2010
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If you are interested in a man then throwing yourself in his arms might end with physical and mental wounds if you are not sure as to how he feels about you. You should first observe your man, attract him towards you and make him in love with you so that your dreams turn true without any risk to your body and heart.

Here are a few moves that will make him fall in love with you and chase you right up to the altar of love.

Throw lingering glances at him. Instead of approaching your man to ask for an outright date that will only end up boosting his ego, simply throw lingering glances at him while otherwise ignoring him completely. This will result in confusion in his mind, which he will need to clarify at all costs. This will coerce him to approach you in a bid to know about your exact intentions. You can now use your eyes to attract his body and soul towards you even as he finds himself falling in love with you.

Exude confidence and humor. Do not turn into a mound of jelly when your dream man approaches you. Act confidently and maturely, and laugh heartily if you find his sense of humor appealing. Do not laugh if you find his jokes demeaning or pathetic unless you want to laugh like a tortured laughing-hyena for the rest of your life with him. If you find that your wavelengths match then you can try your own hand at humor. You will instantly win respect with your confident demeanor as your sense of humor keeps your guy falling happily in love with you.

Let him watch other guys go bonkers over you. Nothing pleases and frightens a guy more than watching other guys falling over the girl of his dreams even as that girl flashes her eyes only at him. This will not only make your guy fall in love with you instantly with a fear that you might say yes to another man but also ensure that he treats you like a royal princess based on that same fear that any shortcoming in his services will compel you to look elsewhere. Your man's competitive spirit will be fully awakened if he sees other suitors falling for you.

Show him that you care. Once your man is infatuated with you then you can show him that you care for him too. You should find out about his interests and surprise him at regular intervals with tickets to his favorite sport or by cooking up his favorite dish. This will make him realize that you are attentive to his needs and will make him tumble from the ledge of infatuation into the valley of love.

By paying heed to your man's actions and goading him to chase you instead of the other way around, you can make him fall in love with you by stirring up his love-molecules with your eyes and your actions.

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