What Are the Secrets to Get a Man to Crave For You? Here is How to Make Them Like You Real Fast

Published: 10th August 2010
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Don't just let him go home contented, let him crave for you and let him beg for more and more each time! How do you do this? Follow these steps and you shouldn't fail:

Be you and not someone else
Always be yourself. When you are in the getting-to-know stage, lead him to the path that will take him to knowing the real you. If you pretend to be someone that you're not just so he will like you, then be prepared for the consequences later. This is a dangerous decision that you have to make as all lies get discovered in the end.

Don't be materialistic
Always babbling about material things and how you want to possess them is a major turn off for any man. They don't want vanity in the relationship and they dislike women who are very shallow. They also detest women who place much value on things rather than character.

Be confident about yourself and your real worth
Confidence equals attraction for men. Men like women who are brave and bold and can handle themselves even under pressure. Confidence, on its own, makes a woman sexy and smart.

Don't just play hard to get, be hard to get
Don't feed him everything at the same time. Play the mysterious girl sometimes and keep him guessing, just make sure that you don't overdo it. Don't be available for him all the time, refuse some of his offers, this will challenge him and make him give his best so he'll outdo others who are also trying to get your attention.

Be sexually attractive
Tease him and entice him by making him want to chase after you. After a date, when he walks you to your door, give him a kiss that he will not forget and make him ask for more. Maintain your shapely figure; men will always be enticed by beautiful women with nice curves so if you have to go on a diet just to stay in shape, do so.

Surprise him at times
Put some notes in his pockets or give him a gift during ordinary days. Receiving something unexpected is a gesture that will always be treasured. At the end of the day as he lies in bed, he'll remember your simple acts and will not only be thinking of you but might even dream of you!

Seek adventure
Most men love adventure, so try to embrace it as well. If he wants to try eating in a restaurant which serves exotic food, then go with him or have the guts to be the one to ask him out. He'll love the thought that you are willing to walk the extra mile just to make him smile.

Making him crave for you may not be easy but it's worth it. Tease him and challenge him, always make him feel that he's up on his toes all the time.

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