What Are the Real Secrets to Making a Man Fall in Love With You! This is What You Must Know Now

Published: 09th August 2010
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Attracting the opposite sex, particularly men, can be quite tricky. There is somewhat an art to have them fall in love with you. It is quite a challenge, nevertheless, not impossible to do. If you are wondering how to use this kind of art, read below for some practical tips:

Love yourself even when it's difficult.
It is easy to love a person if she knows how to fully love herself. Upon self-acceptance, it is only then that you would truly believe that you deserve to be loved and only then will other people see the beauty in you. Love yourself above all things and expect to be loved in return.

Never argue with the one you love.
Men hate arguments-this is partly because they are not as communicative as women. Men hate everything about arguing. Arguing won't reap you anything, it's always a lose-lose situation when you dispute with him. If a problem can be resolved in a more peaceful way, them opt for it and avoid having to go through all the drama.

Be open for changes.
Having a relationship with someone may require you to give in to some changes. But that should not be a problem if you love the person. Be open for adjustments that the relationship might bring. Allow yourself to be molded into something better during the course of the relationship.

Dress attractively for the most special person in your life.
Since men are more visual beings than women, women should use this fact to their advantage. By dressing in a certain way, you wouldn't need the help of Cupid's arrow to get the heart of your guy. Avoid looking too done, though. This is an indication that you are trying too hard.

Be patient even when you're already on the brink of shouting.
Falling in love is all about taking it slow-in all aspects. Sometimes, love may require you to wait and be patient. You have to allow him time to finally get to that point. Don't rush him; rushing him might cause the relationship or the budding relationship to fail.

Understand him at all times.
He will make mistakes that will be hard for you to forgive. He might do things that can cause you pain. But remember the differences you both have. He will never be the way you want him to be because a man will always be different from a woman. All you can do is to understand him at times when he asks you to.

Accept him as he is.
He is as he is so take him as he is. You will grow to love him more and he will grow to love you more if you learn to love him despite all his imperfections and shortcomings. He's only human; he's not perfect so never expect him to be.

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