What Are the Keys to Become the Ultimate Guy Magnet? Here is What a Woman Should Know

Published: 09th August 2010
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Don't you envy women who have all the luck with men? They never are out of dates, have someone drooling over them at all times and are the serious magnets. But you seem to have no such luck...but if you want to change all this and become a guy magnet here's what you need to do.

Look fabulous
It all begins with looks. To trigger attraction you have to take the first step towards becoming a guy magnet....you have to look fabulous. It's not just your clothes, which by the way have to be stunning; it is also the way your skin and hair look. So get body beautiful from skin deep.

High heels make things work
You will find that men find women with long legs really sexy and attractive. The best way to get unending legs is by wearing heels. Wear them as high as you can and walk in. Think Sex and the City and you will know what you need to do.

Have the right attitude
With the looks in place you have to work on the attitude of becoming a guy magnet. Being nervous and low on confidence is not going to send out the right signals. But when you are absolutely sure of yourself and what you are doing then the guys begin to take notice of you.

Own the room you are in
Now when you walk into the room you can either merge in with the crowd or stand out and make them take notice. Have a personality that owns the room you are in. Get rid of the herd mentality and forget crowding around with others.

Never look for attention
If you want to be a guy magnet you must never be looking for attention. Even when you are alone you must not look like you are looking for someone to talk to. Just get busy doing something, reading a book, enjoying drink etc. Make the person who wants to approach you think of you as sort of unavailable to up your value.

Flirt with your signature style
To become a guy magnet you also have to flirt with your own signature style. You must learn how to flirt with all the men around you, make the one getting your attention feel special but never concentrate on one man alone.

Know how to make a man feel good
When you are with a guy or around men know how to make them feel special. Learn to be a keen listener, praise them on genuine things and give him your undivided attention when he is talking. Then shift your attention....men will flock around you wanting your attention.

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