Ways to Get a Guy to Fall Hard For You! Do it This Way & You Will See Men Easily Get Attracted Fast

Published: 09th August 2010
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Men love women, that is a fact. From the day that men are born, attraction for the opposite sex is inculcated in them. Our attraction to the opposite sex is already part of our nature so it wouldn't really be difficult for a woman to make a man fall in love with her and vice versa.

Show your funny side.

Men love a good laugh. If he sees you as a woman who loves to laugh and knows how to crack a joke, even if it is not that funny, the more he will feel that you are approachable. Men would like to have a relationship with someone who revels in the joy in a relationship.

Show him that you are worthy.

Know your worth. Do not settle for what you least deserve. When he knows that you know your worth, the more he will think highly of you. Remember that the way to be loved is to love yourself first. The appreciation from others comes after.

Give him his space-every man deserves it.

Be the cool girl that he wants by giving him space to do his own things. Allow him to go to his boys' night out. Let him do his hobbies if he wants to do it by himself. This will strengthen the relationship and will make him see what a lucky guy he is.

Get along well with his friends.

You do not need to join him all the time, but it would be nice if you get to talk to them or enjoy group moments with them. Men would like it if you are nice with his friends. His friends are his inner circle so he takes pride with these guys. Saying bad things about them is much like going against the tide!

Be proud of him every time, everywhere.

No matter how big or small his accomplishments are, make him feel that you take pride in everything he does. Feeling encouraged and supported is very important for a guy most especially if it comes from a girl he really loves.

Cook enchanting meals for him.

Among men, cooking is associated to being a good wife in the future. It would be nice for him to see and know that you can cook a delicious meal for him.

Make him feel loved.

This is the most important thing to be able to reap the same kind of reward. You need to make him feel that you love him despite all his shortcomings. Remind him that you will always love him through his best and worst times.

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