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Published: 07th September 2010
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The very fact that you stumbled upon this article simply means that you are a bit confused when it comes to understanding male psychology. Well men can be hard to figure out at times...Specially when they can be acting all interested one minute and totally uninterested the very next.

This hot and cold behaviour is hard to understand for a lot of females. But you see the secrets of attracting any man you want actually lies in understanding their psychology and the attraction triggers which draw them towards women. Read on to discover what I am talking about here...

Men want a challenge...Not a free lunch...

So what do I mean here? Well when I say a challenge...I mean a female which isn't too easy to get. Men never pursue a woman when she could be easily had. They want something challenging. Whatever goes away from us...We tend to chase.

And this is exactly what men do around women who are too hard to acquire. Therefore if you want to attract the man of your dreams this is one trait you must integrate into your personality.

He will be attracted to you as long as you are hard to figure out...

This is another biggie men tend to keep in mind. They sort of feel endless attraction towards females who are hard to figure out. In other words men work extra hard to get the attention of females who just aren't that easy to know.

This is where the element of mystery comes into play. The more mysterious you can remain around him...The more he will want you to know.

Never show him you are totally into him and watch him chase you around...

A lot of women make the mistake of letting the man know that they love him too early in the relationship. The moment that happens the man feels- Ok! I have her...What next?

You see this is where he sort of gets that everyday boring feeling which kills attraction. Therefore the big key here is to never let him know how much you are into him. The moment he knows he has your attention that's the time when he will start to lose attraction towards you.

Never answer his questions directly...

This is another great way to generate tremendous attraction and at the same time keep a man interested in you for the long term. For example if he asks you about your past relationships or anything personal.

Answer by saying- Well I don't feel I know you that well to share all that. What do you think he will think next? He would think- "I better do something to make her open up more or else I might lose her".

And bam...This is where he would make that extra effort and go that extra mile to impress you.

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