The True Secrets to Attracting & Keeping the Man of Your Dreams! A Must Know For Every Woman

Published: 01st September 2010
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If you want to let a man notice you then you will need a few moves that set you apart from other girls.

Here are those moves that will help you to attract and keep a man for good.

Create a magnetic first impression As men are more attracted towards physical beauty, you should wear the right clothes that highlight your beauty and your body. This will turn your man into an owl that has his eyes locked firmly on you as soon as you enter a party or a room.

Scan the man with your eyes but ignore him with your body Once you notice an attractive guy that you like then allow your eyes to move over him at regular intervals but keep your body faced away from him. This will compel him to initiate the first move and start the chase.

Rotate among other suitors Instead of trying to move towards your ideal man make it a point to mingle with other suitors instead while still giving him 'the look'. This will evoke feelings of jealousy and attraction from within your chosen man and he will now try to approach you.

Remain confident and out-of-reach Do not giggle if the man of you dreams manages to establish contact with you. Instead, act confident, talk sensibly and remain out-of-reach from him while letting your eyes attract him towards you. This will truly egg him on as men love the chase as much as what lies at the end of that chase.

Laugh naturally If you truly find his sense of humor funny then laugh naturally. Your guy will love a girl that laughs at his jokes and your infectious laugh will make him strive harder to keep you attracted towards him.

Maintain a sense of mystery While talking with the man of your dreams you should make it a point to reveal only a little about yourself. Let him remain mystified about you so that he quickly asks for a date to know more about you. Ensure that you only reveal a little more about yourself with each new date.

Do not get into a rut Even when you start dating your dream man do not make the mistake of falling into a rut. Get tickets for his favorite sport or movie, arrange for a special candlelight dinner or take a walk in a park or on the beach to retain the passion in your relationship. Spontaneity can keep your man attracted to you as each new day will have him anticipating something unusual even as he himself plans to surprise you with something new.

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