The True Keys to Keeping a Man Almost Addicted to You! He Won't Lose Interest in You After This

Published: 23rd August 2010
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Many women think the hard part is done once they're in a relationship. After all, you've found your man, gotten him to ask you out, or you've asked him out. You've dated, gotten to know one another, and you're committed to each other. Isn't that the hard part?

The truthful answer is: relationships are hard too. Keeping a relationship alive requires constant work, and keeping a man interested is critical to the relationship surviving. There are some basic ways to keep a man interested that will make your relationship one that lasts.

1. Maintaining the actions, attitudes, and general appearance that you presented when you first started dating is that general. Obviously you were appealing when you first attracted him, so what were you like then? Were you flirty and interested in what he had to say? Were you conscious of your own appearance, making an effort to look your best?
2. Touch him every now and then, just out of the blue, and not as part of foreplay or sexual intimacy. The occasional touch lets him know you're interested in him, which is always important.
3. Care about what he has to say. Genuine interest in him means you listen to him, even if he talks about topics you aren't particularly interest in yourself.
4. Don't be too clingy or needy. Give him some space, and continue to live your own life. A woman who's strong and capable is attractive. One who needs too much attention or constant affection is too much work and easily scares off a man. He wants to know you want him, but doesn't want to dedicate every minute of his life to you.
5. Compliment him and appreciate him. Don't go overboard, but be honest with him. Let him know the things about him you think are impressive. Feeling good about himself when he's with you, and knowing you genuinely respect him keeps him interested in you. What man doesn't want to be with a woman who makes him feel good about himself?
6. Don't try to manipulate or control him. Let him be who he is. You were attracted to him as the man he is, and remaining consistent is important. Don't try to make him change into something he's not. Trying to control a man is a surefire way for him to lose interest in you.
7. Don't slack off on sexual intimacy or your desire for him. Life can present all sorts of challenges, and too often we let those things get in the way of what's really important: our relationships, happiness, and real intimacy with those we love. Losing the passion and spark is a death sentence for a relationship. Keeping the sex good, frequent, and real keeps a relationship alive.

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