The Reason Why Your Ex is Avoiding You is Because You Are Showing Your Weaker Side! Read This

Published: 07th September 2010
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Being avoided by someone who once loved you unconditionally is very difficult thing to reconcile with. However, no one avoids a person for no rhyme or reason. If your ex is avoiding you and refuses to acknowledge all your advances then you are either doing the wrong things or showing you are a spineless weak creature. Here are seven things that you should not do. Use these tips and attempt getting your ex back with your self respect intact.

Show of desperation
The moment you see your ex you put up an act of falling heads over heels. Such display of false euphoria is bound to turn off your ex. A gentle smile and a nod of your head to acknowledge his/her presence is all that is needed when you meet your ex after a small hiatus.

Refusing to accept that there was nothing wrong in the relationship
If you are adamant that there was no issue then you are just projecting that you are a head strong person. Such people generally do not have any other qualities. Accept that everyone makes mistakes and you are no exception to the rule.

You joke about the breakup as if nothing big happened
Do not trivialize the breakup when speaking about it to common friends. This will show you in poor light and will only push your ex further away. Take your breakup seriously and your efforts to get your ex back even more seriously.

Failure to communicate
Communication with your ex should not be limited to begging your ex to come back so that it will satisfy your ego. Effective communication is one in which you listen to the other side and agree to make amends. Remember even if your ex comes back it will not be the same old relationship but a brand new one on which you have to continuously work to keep it going.

Scratching old wounds
Playing the blame game and laying all the blame on your ex's doorstep is one reason why he/she does not want you back. Accept that you are human and capable of making mistakes. Have a frank discussion to see all outstanding issues are resolved.

Over expectations
Before your breakup if you have been expecting the world from your ex without doing the same then it shows that you are demanding too much without reciprocating in a similar fashion. This is a serious personality defect and shows how immature a person you are. A relationship is deal between equals and both have to contribute towards making it work. The sooner you realize this, the better person you will be.

Emotional weakness
Do not let your emotions cloud your judgments. Take a step back and think rationally whenever you go thorough rough patch. This is a much respected quality that all partners look for in their spouse. Always focus on the good instead of dwelling on the past mistakes or past sins of your spouse. An emotionally strong person also has a strong character.

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