The Real Secret to Getting Your Ex Back is to Make Them Miss You! Here is How to Make Them Chase You

Published: 07th September 2010
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The initial reaction of a "dumpee" (a person who gets dumped by a lover) is to try all things humanly possible to try to talk, cajole or beg his/her ex to change his/her mind. The initial reaction is common and understandable but if you continue to fight off your ex's decision to break-up with you then the more you will annoy your ex to the "point of no return". What should you do then to get your ex back?

Your best course is to make your ex miss you. There is no point trying to argue or debate your way back to reconciliation. That will not happen. The more you plead, the more your ex's will close her/his mid to the idea of getting back together. Make your ex miss you! Here are some ways to effectively plan your course of action.

Do not disagree with your ex's decision to break-up. Your ex broke off with you for a reason. You still have no inkling on what the reason could be but one thing you are sure of: your ex does not to be with you right now. Take the hint and agree to the break-up.

Disappear from your ex's circle. Stop yourself from calling or texting or e-mailing your ex. You might think it's alright to occasionally call or text your ex but that is not the case. Your ex split-up with you therefore he/she does not want to see or hear from you. Give your ex the time to miss you. Your ex will definitely think about you agreed amicably to the break -up without questions.

Enjoy your free time. Being in a relationship is tiring in a sense. You always have to think of ways and means to please and make each other content which does not always work anyway. Take advantage of your single-blessedness. Have fun with your friends and if your ex happens to see you having a spanking good time, your ex might actually miss you.

Reminisce about good times. There will be a time that you'd bump into your ex. When this happens, don't point an accusing finger at your ex but try to talk about the good and memorable times you had.

Act as if you are inaccessible. Show your ex that you are enjoying being single. Your ex might actually find you irresistible because you no longer need his/her attention or affection.

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