The Psychology of Men & How Do Men Think? Know This If You Ever Want to Be Successful With Men

Published: 10th August 2010
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Women don't really understand the way the mind of a man works. Hence they end up getting frustrated and have a thousand arguments that all seem futile in the end. While not all men are the same, most men do think in a similar fashion. Here are a few insights into the psychology of men that can inform you on how men really think.

Think straight
To begin with remember that almost all men think straight and they take things at face value. So, if you feel that depriving him of your best behavior is going to make him see what he did wrong then it is of no use. He is simply going to wonder for a bit and then forget about it. Unless you tell him, he won't know.

Don't really know if you want the truth
Men really can't figure out if you want them to tell the truth or not. If you ask him if you are looking fat and he says yes, you get upset. If he says no you accuse him of lying. Tell the poor man what he has to say!

Feel it's macho to hide problems
A man also feels that telling a woman that he has problem is a sign of weakness. Unless things are completely out of hand and he shares an honest to goodness relationship with you he is not going to come out and tell you his problem. And he doesn't want to tell you so back off and let him be grumpy!

Know when to filter
You go on and on filling him in on the minutest of all details of something that you experienced or about someone. Well he really isn't listening to all the banter. Men know when to start filtering information as details are "Boring".

Hate it when you monopolize their space
He might not say it to you on your face but a man is not thinking nicely of you when you waltz in and begin to monopolize his space. He might have a smile on his face but he is secretly resenting you because he feels "you" are being selfish to take on "his" alone time.

Love it when you show you care
It's against a man's macho exterior to show that he really loves it when you pamper him and shower him with affection. Don't be fooled by what he says, read the look in his eyes and you will know what he is really thinking.

Sex is a solution!
Lastly, sex is a solution to all fights for men. Once the fight is over they want make up sex even if they don't say it!

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