The Major Reason Why Men Won't Commit! Here is Something Every Woman Out There Should Know

Published: 01st September 2010
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Are you dealing with a man who just isn't willing to commit? Do you feel like you have everything in your power yet he doesn't seem to show any signs of taking the relationship to the next level?

It might be a bit hard to believe but do you know that women do certain things which often encourage men not to commit at all? And the problem is that most women don't really know that they are doing it. This is the main reason why you should read this right now...

He won't commit as long as you pressurize him or try too hard...

This is one mistake a lot of women out there tend to make without even realizing that they're actually making it. You see men never make decisions under pressure.

Some women try so hard in the relationship which makes the man feel somewhat trapped due to which he withdraws and always struggles to commit. Therefore the most important thing is to never pressurize him into anything and take it slow.

He won't commit if he fears his sense of independence is at stake...

This is another reason why a lot of men out there do not commit at all. If the man you are with fears that he might miss out on a lot of things in life in case he ends up committing to you then he will always avoid the very topic of commitment.

You see the only way to get him to commit is to give him the idea that he won't be trapped in any way, shape or form and his sense of freedom will be the same as before.

He won't commit if he fears a relationship will require a lot of hard work...

Some women do not realize this but with time they sort of expect a lot from their man due to which he feels that he just has to do a lot of hard work in the relationship and this is what will always discourage him to take it to the next level.

A lot of women do not realize this but the harder they make it for the man the more unwilling he would be to take things to the next level. Therefore the secret is to stop forming a lot of expectations and take the load of his shoulders.

This would give him a feeling that he can be in a relationship and still have fun which will encourage him towards commitment.

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