The Laws to Keeping a Man Interested in You in the Long Term! It's Extremely Important to Know This

Published: 23rd August 2010
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If you at one of those ladies who are hell bent on knowing the secret of keeping their man interested in them then you are going to enjoy reading this. Here are a few tips that will help you to keep your man happy, interested and satisfied with you. Do the following and say goodbye to fears and doubts where your man is concerned.

Delicious Food and Sex
No one can deny that these are the way to your man's heart. You should be smart; enough to satisfy your man's longings and cravings. These desires are not only natural - they are primal. To leave him unsatisfied will make him restless and you could lose him.

Dare to try the "new"
Women who are not adventurous and are scared to try out "new" things in order to spice up their relationship can end up lonely and sad. Surprise him by deviating from the normal and be as exciting as you were in the beginning. This way you will always hold his interest.

Satisfy his ego
Most men have egos that are a huge part of their personality. Always do or say things that stroke his ego positively and do not chip away or belittle it or else you will have a man who is very unhappy. Nourish and feed his ego and it will keep him happy. However do it with a lot of finesse and moderation or else you will have a pompous and obnoxious guy on your hands.

Be spontaneous
Do things for your man that proves your love for him. The best surprises always involve a little sacrifice on your part. For instance if you don't really like sport, get him tickets to the game or watch it on television with him. He will appreciate the efforts you make and will automatically respond. This is a great way to keep him interested.

Never blackmail him emotionally
Trying to lay the guilt trip on him is a bad idea. He is going to catch on very soon and before you know it he will not care whether you believe him or not! This is the fastest way to get him uninterested in you.

Sex should not be used as a leverage
If you try to withhold sex from him and try to get even with him by acting mean and childish, he might not want it from you. Remember you are not rivals but partners. Two wrongs never make a right so cut off foolish and immature behavior if you want to keep your man's interest.

Be considerate
All men need to be understood by their women. Take time to be kind, loving and considerate and he will never lose interest in you.

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